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Official Street FighterTM BIG SHOTS Now Available

Official Street FighterTM BIG SHOTS Now Available

LOS ANGELES, November 8, 2022- Here comes a new challenger! In partnership with CapcomR, BIG SHOTS launches the official Street Fighter TM commemorative pillows collection. Now, fans of the revolutionary fighting game franchise can celebrate its iconic characters with these commemorative pillows designed in their likeness. Relive the nostalgic days of heading to an arcade with a fist full of quarters and declaring, “I got next” with the debut of Street Fighter BIG SHOTS.

Bring the unforgettable cast of characters to your fan cave, gaming room, bedroom or wherever you prefer to “kick it.” The first wave of fighters will include the legendary martial arts expert, Ryu; longtime best friend and rival of Ryu, legendary Ken Masters; US Air Force Major Guille; and the electrifying Blanka. And for the diehard fans, fret not! Additional characters from the Street Fighter video game series will be released in the coming months. Each BIG SHOT will be offered for a limited time at

Street Fighter is one of the most influential video game franchises of all time and our entire BIG SHOTS team was thrilled to collaborate with Capcom,” said Adam Alson, BIG SHOTS Founder. “Street Fighter paved the way for what fighting games should be and its impact on pop culture is still going strong 35 years later.”

“The original designs of all the Street Fighter video game characters are so imaginative and cutting-edge- especially for the time the series launched- it was such an honor to have the chance to reimagine these iconic figures into our BIG SHOTS form,” said Nolan Harris, Lead Designer of BIG SHOTS.  

“The Street Fighter collection is an ideal fit for our brand…the entire franchise is nostalgic, entertaining and iconic!” said Dan Siebold, Manager of Strategic Partnerships at BIG SHOTS. 

BIG SHOTS are created with a soft velvet polyester cover and premium polyester fill. Pillows are available in two sizes, 22” and 16”, weighing 12 ounces. BIG SHOTS are machine washable, hypo-allergenic and proud to be made in the USA.

Street Fighter BIG SHOTS are currently available for sale at For more information about BIG SHOTS, visit or email Follow BIG SHOTS on Instagram and Facebook @getbigshots. 


BIG SHOTS is an American collectable novelty pillow company focused on bringing the likeness of dynamic personalities to homes across America. Founded on the principles of creativity, exceptional design and craftsmanship by the same team who brought you Big League Pillows. Big League Pillows are personalized sports jersey pillows, offering NFL, MLB, NHL, NBA and MLS licensed options.


Capcom is a leading worldwide developer, publisher and distributor of interactive entertainment for game consoles, PCs, handheld and wireless devices. Founded in 1983, the company has created hundreds of games, including groundbreaking franchises Resident EvilTM, Monster HunterTM, Street Fighter TM, Mega ManTM, Devil May CryTM and Ace AttorneyTM. Capcom maintains operations in the U.S., U.K. Germany, France, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore and Tokyo, with corporate headquarters located in Osaka, Japan. More information about Capcom and its products can be found at www.capcom or



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