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Official Jay and Silent Bob BIG SHOTS™ Now Available

Official Jay and Silent Bob BIG SHOTS™ Now Available

LOS ANGELES, September 13, 2022 - First revealed during the Mooby’s Pop-Up at San Diego Comic-Con 2022, BIG SHOTS now officially launches Jay and Silent Bob collection, snooch! Fans of Kevin Smith’s View Askewuniverse can now cuddle with their favorite big screen “life mates” with these collectable pillows designed in their likeness. From The Quick Stop to your fan cave, now you can rage with Jay or just enjoy the silence with Bob by way of these cuddly counterparts.

Each BIG SHOT will be offered for a limited time, with plans of unique variants available in the near future. For the die hard fans, we will also be featuring other characters from the View Askewuniverse alongside Jay & Silent Bob.

“I grew up on Kevin Smith films; Clerks, Mallrats, etc… ” said Adam Alson, BIG SHOTS Founder. “Jay and Silent Bob spoke to a generation that didn’t want to be spoken to — They aren’t just characters from some movies, they are embedded in our fondest memories and feel more like old friends then anything else."

“Jay and Silent Bob are iconic characters whose popularity spans across multiple mediums with their movies, TV shows, video games, music videos and appearances in comics,” said Nolan Harris, Lead Designer of BIG SHOTS. “It was great fun to capture their personalities in another form of artistic expression with the design of their BIG SHOTS.”

“Jay and Silent Bob epitomize a whole segment of Generation X,” said Dan Siebold, Manager of Strategic Partnerships at BIG SHOTS. “Our brand loves developing compelling personalities who play with nostalgia of different eras.” 

BIG SHOTS are created with a soft velvet polyester cover and premium polyester fill. Pillows are available in two sizes, 22” and 16”, weighing 12 ounces. BIG SHOTS are machine washable, hypo-allergenic and proud to be made in the USA.

Jay & Silent Bob BIG SHOTS are currently available for sale at For more information about BIG SHOTS, visit or email Follow BIG SHOTS on Instagram and Facebook @getbigshots. 


BIG SHOTS is an American collectable novelty pillow company focused on bringing the likeness of dynamic personalities to homes across America. Founded on the principles of creativity, exceptional design and craftsmanship by the same team who brought you Big League Pillows. Big League Pillows are personalized sports jersey pillows, offering NFL, MLB, NHL, NBA and MLS licensed options.

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