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Zangief is a fictional character from the Street Fighter series of video games. He is a professional wrestler and the national hero of the Soviet Union. Zangief is known for his massive size, incredible strength, and impressive grappling skills. He is a fierce and powerful fighter who uses his brute force and grappling moves to overpower his opponents. Despite his tough exterior, Zangief is a gentle and kind-hearted person who is proud of his Russian heritage and loves his country. He enters the Street Fighter tournament to prove his strength and to defend the honor of the Soviet Union. Zangief is a formidable opponent on the battlefield, and he uses his grappling skills and sheer strength to defeat his enemies. 

Officially licensed Street Fighter BIG SHOTS are created with a soft velvet polyester cover and premium polyester fill. Each pillow is approximately 22” x 19” and 16" x 14" weighing 2lbs and 1lbs respectively. BIG SHOTS are machine washable, hypo-allergenic, and proud to be made in the USA. Each BIG SHOT will be offered for a limited time so be sure to secure yours now!

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